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Power of attorney representative shareholder meeting | Free template

Power of attorney as a representative at a shareholder meeting is a free template to give a person authorization to represent a shareholder in a corporation at a shareholder meeting.

A shareholder that can´t be personally present at a shareholder meeting may by a written, dated and signed power of attorney give an agent the right to represent him as a shareholder at the Meeting. If the power of attorney is issued by a corporation, a certificate of incorporation (or if such document does not exist, an equivalent document) for the corporation should be attached.

An agent with such a power of attorney may vote and thereby make his voice heard at the general meeting as if he were a shareholder in the company. A power of attorney to an agent for a shareholder meeting lasts at most one year from issuance.

You can use this template if you want to give a representative power of attorney to represent you as a shareholder at a general meeting of a limited company.
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