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FOR loop in Excel (VBA and VB6) | Free code

Here you can download free code that gives you two examples of how a FOR loop can be used for programming in Excel and VBA.

A FOR loop is a statement used in programming to run code a predetermined number of times in accordance with the conditions that the programmer specifies. A FOR loop is used instead of a DO WHILE or a DO UNTIL loop when you can specify the number of iterations for the loop before the loop starts.

The number of iterations for a FOR loop can either be specified as "For number = 1 To maxnumber" or as "For Each item In datalist" and the end of the loop are indicated by the "Next" argument which means that the next iteration will run. A FOR loop can be terminated prematurely using the "Exit" statement and this may be appropriate when some special conditions have been met.

In this template with free code for a FOR loop in Excel and VBA we have created a class module for shares and a common module that adds data to and gets data from a collection. In this free template, we use one version of a FOR loop to create objects and add them to our collection and a second version of a FOR loop to iterate through our collection and present the data in a worksheet.
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