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Code for Web programming can help you to speed up the development time when you want to create a Website to earn money. This main category includes sub categories for databases, collections, controls, design, servers and development for instance.

Collections and loops

Collections is used to store data temporarily in memory and they are very useful in object-oriented programming. Loops are used to execute code repeatedly and they are very useful to process data in collections. This category includes free code for arraylists and for loops for instance.


Web controls are objects that are used to store data, change data, send data and present data for instance. This category includes free code for Web controls on a Web page like literals, wizards and repeaters.


A database is an organized set of related tables that are used to store data permanently. This category with free code for web programming against databases includes code for inserts into and selects from databases for instance.


Web design involves designing the structure of a website and to customize colors, text and other items on the website for a uniform appearance. This category includes free code for masterpages and CSS-files for instance.


This category includes free templates, instructions and code that relates to Web servers, database servers, FTP-servers and email servers. Templates in this category will help you to create your own servers and give you knowledge about networks and load balancing.

Web development

Web development in this category is about methods and approaches that are applied to programming in VB.NET for the Web (ASP.NET). This category includes free code for object-oriented programming and parallel programming for instance.

Web functionality

Web functionality is code that makes it possible to carry out operations such as sending e-mail, send data and to create PDF files on a website according to our view. This category includes free code for files, seo and calculations for instance.