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Collection of objects in Excel (VBA and VB6) | Free code

Here you can download free code that shows you how a collection of objects can be used in VBA code for programming in Excel, when you need to manage data in lists.

A collection is a dynamic list of data that can store data in one dimension, when you store items in a collection you can however get it to function as a two-dimensional data list because one object can include multiple variables.

A collection is dynamic in that sense that you do not need to determine the size of the list when you create it, you have the freedom to add and remove items from a collection, the size of a collection is automatically adjusted as you add items to and remove items from the list.

When you are about to create a collection of objects you must first create a class (Class Module) for these objects with variables and properties. In a class you normally declare variables as private so that only properties and methods in the class have access to these variables.

Once you've created a class for an object, you can create a new instance of the class, add the values to the properties in the class and then save the new object in a collection. When you want to retrieve items from a collection, you can create a loop for all objects in the data list and get values by using the properties.

In this template with free code for a collection of objects in Excel, we have created a class of shares, created a collection, created new share objects, added share objects as items in our collection and then retrieved data from our collection.
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