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Avatar Block War, Xbox 360 (XNA, C#) | Free code

This is the full source code for Avatar Block War. Avatar Block War is a FPS-game in a blockbased environment for Xbox 360. The game can be purchased on the Xbox Live marketplace for indie games.

The game is written in C# and depends on the XNA Framework (v4.0), it can be played and debuged on PC and Xbox 360. The content in the game package (models, textures and sound) might require a license if you want to use it in one of your own games.

You can create block maps, play in single player with computer-controlled avatars and play online multiplayer with up to 12 people. Avatar Block War has multiple game modes (Map sharing, Deathmatch, Assault, Capture The Flag).

+ Computer AI
+ Many weapons
+ Collision detection
+ Health calculations
+ Voxel engine
+ Restricted ammunition
+ Network code
+ more
Updated: 04/29/2015 | Created by

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