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Hockey Action, Xbox 360 (XNA, C#) | Free code

This is the full source code for Hockey Action. Hockey Action is a ice hockey game on Xbox 360 that is sold on the Xbox Live marketplace for indie games.

The game is written in C# and depends on the XNA Framework (v4.0), it can be played and debuged on PC and Xbox 360. The content in the game package (models, textures and sound) might require a license if you want to use it in one of your own games.

The game package for Hockey Action includes code for a single player game, a local two player game and an online two player game.

+ Computer AI
+ Models
+ Animations
+ Gamepad and keyboard input
+ Create custom teams
+ Game settings
+ more
Updated: 04/29/2015 | Created by

Download Hockey Action, Xbox 360 (XNA, C#) | Free code ยป

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