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Tile map editor, 2D game (Java/XML) | Free code

This free Java code for a tile map editor can be used to create tile maps for a 2D game, tile maps can be exported as XML-files so that you can import the map easily into your game.

You might want to use e tile map in your 2D game if you want to create a 2D world that is bigger than the screen size. A tile map will give you the possibility to draw and do collision checks efficiently even if the world is very big.

This tile map editor in java includes the full source code and can therefore be adapted to your own needs with special methods to fill the map for example. You can create a new map, open a saved map (object file in binary format), save a map (object file in binary format), export a map to a XML-file and import a map from an XML-file.

To create a tile map, you need an image (tile map image) that you can split up in tiles of a certain size (16px, 32px, 48px or 64px for example). You should use only one image. Your tile map has a width measured in a number of tiles and a height measured in a number of tiles. If you use this tile map editor for your game then we would be happy if you mention our site in your credits.
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