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Contract of sale for real estate | Free template

Contract of sale for real estate is a free template to establish a written contract between the seller and the buyer in the events of changes in ownership of real estate.

Real Estate Transfers must be made by means of a written agreement. Oral agreements are not valid when buying or selling a real estate. The written document used for real estate transfers is known as contract of sale and bill of sale, where the contract of sale is absolutely mandatory. The contract of sale and the bill of sale shall be submitted to the local registration authority who records the change in ownership of the property.

A contract of sale regulates all conditions for the transfer of property from the seller to the buyer. A contract of sale is always established before the bill of sale and the contract of sale may include a reference to the bill of sale. In a contract of sale the price to be paid is regulated, the date when the property passes to the buyer, the purchase price to be paid, what happens when there are hidden defects in the property and more.

Using this template, you can establish a professional sales contract relating to the transfer of real estate without the need to take help of a real estate agent. A contract of sale shall be signed by the sellers and the buyers.
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