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Letter of gift is a free template to draw up a written proof that a gift is going to be or has been given to another person. For most gifts a letter of gift is not required and then it's enough to just hand over the gift to the recipient. When you give away a real estate a written letter of gift is required.

A letter of gift might be good if you want to regulate certain conditions of a gift and for deciding that a gift shall be the private property of the recipient. If the letter of gift states that the gift shall be the private property of the recipient, this property is not included in any division of joint between married or cohabiting people.

If you want to give away a real estate, you must draw up a written deed of gift for the transfer to be valid. A letter of gift relating to real estate shall include a transfer declaration and be signed by both the gift giver and the gift taker. For the give taker to become a registered owner of the property, the letter of gift must be written and submitted to the registration authority. A gift that is common property in a cohabiting relationship or matrimonial goods in a marriage relationship must have the written consent of the partner or spouse to be valid. Gifts between spouses, which shall be valid against the give takers creditors must be registered with the district court and requires a written letter of gift.

In a letter of gift the gift giver can set certain conditions, such as that the gift taker may not sell the property or allow the gift giver to live in the estate for some time.

You can use this template to draw up a written letter of gift, in this letter of gift we have used an real estate as an example of a gift.
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