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Marriage contract is a free template to establish a marriage contract between spouses in a marriage. With a marriage contract spouses or prospective spouses can determine which property should be private property and thereby should be property that does not constitute matrimonial goods.

It is always the latest written marriage contract that applies between spouses. If the spouses in a marriage contract have written that all property should be private property, they can with a new marriage contract determine that all property shall be matrimonial goods.

Private property is property that only is considered to belong to the owner of that property and private property, therefore, is not divided equally between spouses at divorce or death. Matrimonial property is property deemed to belong to both spouses together regardless of who owns this property and matrimonial property is divided equally between the spouses in the event of divorce or death.

A marriage contract shall be in writing and signed by the spouses or prospective spouses. This applies even if one of them is a minor or if the marriage contract includes property, as to any part covered by the trust under the Parental Code. In that case, however, guardian or trustee's written consent should be obtained.

You can use this template to create a marriage contract between you and your spouse in a marriage relationship.
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