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Will is a free template to establish a will for someone who wants to have full control over how his or her inheritance should be distributed. A will is a written document that describes how the testators or testatrix inheritance should be distributed.

A will can be made by a person who have become eighteen years old or who have been or is married. A will can´t contain testamentary beneficiaries who were not born before the testator´s death.

A will shall be in writing and signed by the testator in the presence of two witnesses who shall certify the will with their names. The witnesses need to know that the document is a will but they do not need to know its contents. Testament witnesses must certify that the testator is under full understanding and is not under threat at the signature moment. Testament witnesses may not be under fifteen years and not have such mental disorder that they do not understand the meaning of the witnessed. Testament witnesses may not be the testator´s spouse, relative in any descendants, brother-in-law or sibling order.

A will should be an expression of the testator´s ultimate will and should be stored safely in a deposit or similar safety device. A will may be revoked by destruction.

A will should be interpreted according to what reasonably can be assumed to be the testator´s desire even if errors or other mistakes are made in the will.

It is free for the testator to write what he wishes in a will and how the inheritance should be distributed. It is not sure that the inheritance is distributed just as the testator want´s when some heirs are legally entitled to some part of the property. A will that is not drawn up in legal form, of someone who is not competent, by persons under mental disorder or by persons under threat is not valid.

You can use this template to establish a will to take control over how your inheritance should be distributed.
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