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Household budget is a free template to create a home budget of income and expenditure in a household per month during one year. In this template for home budget, you can set your budget for income and expenditure month by month and the actual outcome when the month is over to do a variation analysis.

It is important to have control of the incomes and expenditures of a household to handle the private economy and to have safety savings for unforeseen expenses. Without control with a home budget there can be financial problems in the private economy when the monthly expenditures exceed the monthly incomes.

With a household budget, you can be better control your personal finances and follow up the outcome afterwards. A home budget shows you what you can spend during a month depending on how high your income is. A home budget can be established for one year but may need to be continuously adapted as new information becomes available.

You can use this template for household budget to establish a home budget in your household and manage the household's private economy by having control on income and expenditure month by month. In this budget for the household or home you can make a difference analysis by comparing the budget and outcomes, and thus better understand why the budget is not achieved.
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