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Tradable debt instrument is a free template to establish a debt instrument that is payable to the holder and which can be transferred to new owners. Rules on debt, see Debt Law, identifies two types of debt securities which are non tradable debt instrument and tradable debt instrument.

A tradable debt instrument may be payable to the holder or to order, order debt instrument or holder debt instrument. The advantage of a tradable debt instrument, compared to a non tradable debt instrument is that a tradable debt instrument can be transferred to new owners.

For a tradable debt instrument it is important to agree on the conditions that will apply for the loan such as loan interest and repayment. If there is no statement of duration in the tradable debt instrument the repayment must be made by the borrower when the lender asks for it. If no interest has been agreed the interest rate will be according to the Interest Act.

For transfers of debt instruments made to the holder, the person who has the debt instrument in their hands shall be considered to be the owner of the debt instrument. In order to provide better evidential value in the case of transfers, the previous owner should certify and sign that the debt instrument has been transferred to new owners. With signatures, the rightful owners have better protection against theft of debt instruments. A new holder of a tradable debt instrument must present the loan certificate to the borrower to receive amortization and interest and explain how the payment shall be made.

You can use this template to establish a tradable debt instrument when you borrow or lend money to or from any other natural or legal person.
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