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Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume | Free template

CV is a free template to prepare a resume of what you have done and what you can. A CV is a document that clearly and concisely describes the qualifications and skills you have.

A CV is sent to employers seeking staff and used by the employer to quickly sort and weed out applications on the basis of the requirements for the advertised job. A CV or a resume is read by a personnel manager in a larger company or the owner of a small business.

A CV should be comprehensive, contain much fact, be legible and standardized. The person reading a CV has often short of time, 1-2 minutes, which requires that a resume is readable and standardized. A CV should be comprehensive and contain much data so the reader of the CV quickly can compare the merits with the requirement profile and quickly see if the applicant meets the requirements.

A CV must be concise and transparent, max 2 pages, more extensive descriptions can be provided in appendixes. In a resume, the last record should be first because these qualifications are the most interesting. You should not include qualifications which have no significance or that are obvious because of another qualification, such as 9-year elementary school. Use clear date ranges for each qualification you write down because the length of the experience is relevant to the assessment of it. You shall not leave any gaps between experiences as this may create concerns of the employer. Use also often clear quantitative measures as this will make it easier to assess the experience.

You can use this template for the establishment of professional curriculum vitae that you can use in future job applications. The template is written by an employer.
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