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Master page in a web project (C#, VB and ASP.NET) | Free code

Here you can download free code (C# and VB) for a master page that you can use with CSS files to structure the design of your entire website.

A master page is a frame page in a web project that in conjunction with CSS files control the appearance of the entire website regardless of the number of content pages that are included in the web project. A master page saves you a lot of work regarding design changes and it is less likely that you get any errors when you change the appearance in a master page compared to changes in many different pages.

The structure of a master page are normally developed with the aid of tables or DIV tags and links to css files are also created to control the look of the website. In a master page you have to decide where content from other web pages should be placed by the creation of tags with the name of "ContentPlaceHolder" that are given an ID which content pages can refer to. A content page must refer to the name of a "MasterPage" for it to be possible to display the content inside the master page.

This template for a master page also contains two css files and two content pages to show the link between these different web pages of a web project. The structure of the look is built using the DIV tags and the vertical placement of these is determined by the hierarchical positioning in the master page, while the horizontal position is determined in the "layout.css" file by the "float" argument.

Remember that you in your web hosting account must have made a setting for the correct version of "ASP.NET" on your website (the version listed in the "Web.config" file). We are using Visual Web Developer 2005 (2010) Express Edition for web programming.
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