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Website template and web design (C#, VB and ASP.NET) | Free code

Here you can download free code (C# and VB) for a website template that you can use to structure the look of your website in the process of web design.

The web design for a website should ideally be easy to maintain so that you can change the look of the entire website without having to change each web page. The main thing concerning web design is to be able to control the appearance of the entire website with a small number of files and a few lines of code.

The appearance of a Web page is normally determined by a Master page that is linked to CSS files, content pages in your website refer to the MasterPage. This website template contains one Master page that along with a CSS file for layout control the structure for the appearance of the website, a CSS file that determines the appearance of text and two content pages that refer to the MastePage.

The purpose of this website template is to demonstrate how structure and design for a website is developed so that you can make changes and produce a custom design for your website. The structure of the look is built using DIV tags and the vertical placement of these tags is determined by the hierarchical placement in the Master page, while the horizontal position is determined in the "layout.css" file by the "float" argument.

Remember that you in your web hosting account must have made a setting for the correct version of "ASP.NET" on your website (the version listed in the "Web.config" file). We are using Visual Web Developer 2005 (2010) Express Edition for web programming.
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Download Website template and web design (C#, VB and ASP.NET) | Free code ยป

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