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Automatic backup of folders and files to zip (WinRAR, DOS) | Free template

Automatic backup of folders and files to zip files is a free template that you can use with the task scheduler or start manually to manage your backups in a fast and efficient manner.

This template consists of two batch files, BackupOperation.bat and Array.bat, you can edit a .bat file by right-clicking it and choosing "Edit". BackupOperation.bat is the main file for the automatic backup operation and Array.bat is a help file to the main operation.

By using this template, you can create individual backups for each day of the week. A backup is made to a folder that is named with the current weekday. The folders must be created manually in the target directory for the weekday backup to work.

In this template, we have chosen to use WinRAR to zip a folder to a single zip file in the destination directory, the old zip file for the current day of the week is first removed and then is a new zip file saved in the destination directory.

You can choose to run the main file, BackupOperation.bat via the task scheduler to automatically run the backup at a specific time or run the file manually by double clicking on it. Do not forget to remove the "Pause" line in the main file if you run the backup automatically.

One tip is to install Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive on your computer so that your zip files are saved in the cloud, this will give you a folder on your computer where you can save files. The synchronization between your computer storage and your SkyDrive or Google Drive storage is automatic.
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