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Create a load balanced web farm with Microsoft ARR (Windows) | Free template

Here you can download a free template with a tutorial on how to create a web farm with multiple web servers that is load balanced with Microsoft ARR.

If you have a popular website with many visitors and is dissatisfied with the website's uptime and / or response time, the solution may be to add more web servers that share the amount of traffic with load balancing. Uptime refers to the percentage of time during a period when you can reach your website in relation to the total time for that period, response time is the time it takes to load your website in a browser.

A web farm is a set of multiple web servers (individual computers) that have the same content and therefore can any one of these servers serve a visitor who wants to use a particular website. A web farm makes it possible to load balance traffic on a website between multiple web servers and thus gives the website a better response time and better uptime than if only one web server was used for a website.

This template provides a free tutorial on how to set up a web farm using IIS 7, Microsoft Web Farm Framework (WFF) and Microsoft Application Request Routing (ARR). A web farm prepared with the help of these tools require at least three individual computers that have IIS 7 as the web server, Windows Server 2008 is the recommended operating system for all computers on the network.

One of the computers in the network must be dedicated to control and load balance the set of web servers, one of the computers should be the primary web server and one of the computers should be a secondary web server. This initial set can later be expanded with more ARR servers and more secondary servers when the traffic and load on the website increases.
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