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Estate inventory is a free template to prepare and conduct an estate inventory for a deceased person. An estate inventory shall normally be held within three months after the death.

An estate inventory is a written document of estate owners, the deceased's assets and the deceased's liabilities. Estate owners are relatives of the deceased person or persons who are included in the deceased's will.

The estate inventory shall include:
- The date of the execution
- The deceased's full name
- SSN or other identification number
- Resident
- Death date
- Name and residence of those who have been invited to the estate inventory

An estate inventory is preceded by a estate investigation carried out by estate owners or a special administrator of the estate. In an estate investigation is the deceased's assets and liabilities identified and it is the best knower of the estate property that shall report on the same. An estate inventory is drawn up by two executors who also must certify that the valuation of assets and liabilities have been made in a correct manner.

Estate owners that manage the property, estate administrators or executors shall determine the time and place of the estate inventory and appoint two competent and credible trustees to conduct it. All estate owners shall be called in time for the estate inventory. The surviving spouse or cohabitant of the deceased is always called. If the inheritance shall accrue to anyone until after the heir or universal heir is deceased shall they who are closest to inheritance, at the time of the inventory, be invited.

An estate inventory is the basis for the distribution of the estate property to the estate owners. You can use this template in order to conduct an inventory of an estate.
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