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Job application letter or personal letter is a free template to create a written application for a job. A job application letter is very important at a job application as this provides a deeper understanding of your personality and your skills, compared to the CV.

A job application letter should be selling and describe you as an attractive person. In a job application letter the employer would like to understand why just you want to work in their company and with the advertised job. Employers want to know that you are interested in working in their business and that you have a great interest in the tasks you must perform. Employers want to have motivated staff that can do some extra.

In a personal letter, you describe your most significant knowledge and experience related to the job you are looking for. Employers want to know that you can perform the work they need and that you can do that excellent by having previous experience of such tasks. It is not necessary that you have had employment with similar duties, but it may be that you have implemented own projects in the area. Employers want to know if you are operating and can implement things.

You must describe yourself as a person with the personal qualities you have. It is important for the employer to determine if you fit into the corporate culture. It may be that you are listening to the same music as the employer and this can actually be a critical factor for the job. Your personal characteristics must match with the personal qualities that the other staff at the company has.

You can use this template to create a professional job application or a personal letter when you seek your next job and can thereby increase your chances of getting an interview. The template is written by an employer.
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