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Business travel expense report | Free template

Business travel expense report is a free template to create a travel expense report for journeys in business. By using this template for the business travel expense report, staff and self-employed persons can register length, purpose and travel expenses for a business travel.

A business travel expense report is used to document the business journey and forms a basis for subsistence allowances, nutrition benefits, mileage compensation and compensation for travel expenses paid with private funds.

This template for business travel expense report can be used both for travel within the country and abroad.

In this template for business travel expense report the employee or the self-employed fill in his name, start date and end date for the journey, destination and purpose of the trip. The employee or the self-employed also fill in the number of days with subsistence allowances within the country and subsistence allowances abroad and fill in the number of each type of meal which has been paid for him by the company. If the worker is receiving meals paid by the company during travel it is taxable benefits for the employee with standard values for these meals.

If the worker has paid for business expenses as taxi, air travel and hotel with private fund this should be stated on this business travel expense report and receipts must be attached together with the travel bill. If the worker has been driving a car and paid fuel it shall also be indicated on the travel bill. The business travel expense report shall be signed and submitted to the payroll office, the attached receipts should be submitted to the accounting department by the payroll apartment for the accounting of these expenses.

The business travel expense report forms the basis for payroll and benefit estimation when the wage should be paid to the employee.
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