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In this category you will find free templates for business law and these templates concerns mainly written contracts between businesses. Written contracts and agreements are prefered compared to oral agreements because they have a evidence value that oral agreements lacks.

Confirmation of business contract termination | Free template

Confirmation of a business contract termination is a free template to confirm in writing that a contract has been terminated, when the contract is terminated and when the termination notice was received.

Contract note for shares | Free template

Contract note for shares is a free template that can be used to prepare a contract between a seller and a buyer to trade registered or not registered shares.

Option contract (non-transferable) | Free template

Option contract is a free template to establish a contract between an issuer and a purchaser about a future trade at a specified price where the issuer is obliged to complete the trade if the buyer requests so while the buyer has a right to complete the transaction.

Power of attorney representative shareholder meeting | Free template

Power of attorney as a representative at a shareholder meeting is a free template to give a person authorization to represent a shareholder in a corporation at a shareholder meeting.

Power of attorney | Free template

Power of attorney is a free template to create authorization for one or more persons to make and sign agreements for a particular purpose in some others name or company name.

Shareholders agreement | Free template

Shareholders agreement between shareholders is a free template that can be used to in writing regulate rights and obligations between the shareholders in a small limited company.

Stock certificate | Free template

Stock certificate is a free template to establish and create a letter of shares in a corporation. A stock certificate is an investment that proves that a physical or legal person is holding shares in a corporation.

Stock register | Free template

Stock register is a free template to keep a record of the shareholders in a company and the number of shares that they own in the company. Limited liability companies are obliged to have a stock register and to keep records of changes concerning owners in the corporation.

Termination of business contract | Free template

Termination of business contract is a free template to terminate a contract between your company and another company in writing.