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Contract note for shares | Free template

Contract note for shares is a free template that can be used to prepare a contract between a seller and a buyer to trade registered or not registered shares.

A contract note is established when shares are bought and sold in order to constitute an agreement between the seller and the buyer, to provide a basis for the declaration, to form a basis for settlement of payments and to provide a basis for transfer of shares.

A contract note for shares regulates the asset that the transaction relates to, the amount of shares, the price of shares, when the share transfer will take place and how the settlement amount should be paid.

For registered shares, a contract note should be taken to the bank so that the transfer of shares between the seller and buyer can be done from the seller's securities account to the buyer's securities account.

You can use this template to prepare a contract note for shares between you and another party when an equity transaction shall be made.
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