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Cash disbursement journal | Free template

Cash disbursement Journal is a free template to draw up a summary record of payments to supplier for supplier invoices that can be recorded as one transaction in the accounting. Several similar events may be documented by a joint verification.

For each business event, there shall be verification. If required by the nature of the received verification, the records can be based on specially prepared reference verification.

Several similar events may be documented through a joint verification. The sale of goods and services for cash where payments are done during the day may also be recorded by a single verification, if it would be fraught with difficulties to establish documentation for the various business events. The joint verification will then consist of data from a cash register, cash reports or other information which indicates the amount of payments received.

Verification shall include an indication of when it was put together, when the business event has occurred, what it represents, the amounts and the counterpart of the concern. When appropriate, the verification will also include disclosure of documents or other information that has been the basis for the business event and where they are available.

The verification is to include a verification number or other identification signs, and such other information as necessary to the relationship between verification and the accounted business event without difficulty to be understood.

If a verification is corrected, it shall be indicated when the correction has been made and who made it.

You can use this template for cash disbursement journal to record specific payments made on supplier invoices in a month in serial number order and date order. The amounts for each payment are summed per account and can then be recorded under these summary amounts in one accounting transaction during the month in which the accounting date is the last date of the month. If you use a cash disbursement journal for your records you can do a lot of accounting work and then only have to hand over a consolidated disbursement journal to the accountant.
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