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Accounting transaction planning | Free template

Accounting transaction planning is a free template that can be used in the management control process to plan for the data to be registered for various business events to be able to measure the measures to be evaluated, to create report and to monitor budgets.

Management control is the process to create responsibility, to create budgets and evaluate the budget to ensure that strategies and plans are implemented throughout the organization. The starting point for the management control process is the company's objectives and strategies in the business plan. Based on the company's strategies managers are assigned responsibility and held accountable to comply with a budget.

An accounting transaction plan is a tool for those working in management control used to plan what data must be collected for the reports to be drawn up. When setting up an transaction plan you need to identify and define the transaction types or business events that occur in the company. For each transaction you must specify the data that must or may be registered in order to be able to evaluate managers and other objects.

A transaction plan is based on the information need depending on which reports are to be established and the information that these reports include. A transaction plan may be input for those who must develop or adapt the company's administrative systems or enterprise software for data entry.

You can use this template to establish a transaction plan in your organization.
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