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Assign jobs to work centers is a free template for short-term production planning that can be used to allocate jobs or tasks to workstations in order to achieve the minimum total cost.

The distribution of specific jobs or tasks to personnel, materials and machines are made in the short-term production planning. The short-term production planning is based on the long-term and medium-term planning and means to schedule tasks to the resources available in the short term. In the short-term planning there are no opportunities to increase or reduce capacity because the planning and scheduling is done for periods from 1 day to 3 months.

Effective short-term production planning is essential to create time-based competitive advantages. Effective short-term production planning should give reliable deliveries (JIT), low inventory levels and high capacity utilization. High capacity utilization provides shorter delivery times and, together with low inventory levels even lower costs.

Short-term production planning may involve allocating tasks to different work centers or to arrange tasks in a work center. This template helps to assign tasks to different work centers.

The assignment method used in this template is a model of linear programming to minimize the total cost of all jobs or the total time for all tasks. You enter the cost or time in a table of tasks and work centers and then use the problem solver in Excel to find the optimal solution that minimizes the total cost or total time.

You can use this template to assign jobs or tasks to workstations using linear programming to find the optimal allocation with respect to cost or time. Short-term production planning can also be made in software for material and production planning, for example, an MPS-system, MRP software or ERP software.
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