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Process description is a free template that can be used to describe the activities performed in a process and the distance in meters required to carry out the activity and the time it takes to perform the activity.

A process is a set of activities that are repeated in time and that create value by transforming inputs to outputs. A process description is using activity types, distance and time to be an objective and structured way to analyze and record the activities that constitute a process.

In this template of process description you have to identify the activities performed in a process and every activity is assigned an activity type that indicates the type of activity. This classification in activity types are made to assess the process value added time in relation to the total process time. It is only processing time that is assumed to be value added time and other periods of time are not considered to create any value to the product.

You can use this template to describe a process by specifying the activities performed and the distance and time required performing the activity.
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