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Report planning is a free template to in the management control process plan for the reports to be prepared, when reports have to be created and which people that should be recipients of the reports. Reports are documents used for the evaluation and control of responsibility, profitability and performance afterwards by comparing the results against budget.

Management control is the process to create responsibility, to create budgets and evaluate the budget to ensure that strategies and plans are implemented throughout the organization. The starting point for the management control process is the company's objectives and strategies in the business plan. Based on the company's strategies managers are assigned responsibility and held accountable to comply with a budget.

A report plan is a planning tool that can be used by those working with management control of the company. In a report plan you have to state the reports to be created, when they should be generated, what the reports should contain, the recipient of the reports and what the purpose of the reports are. Reports can be used to monitor and evaluate executives' performance. Reports can also be used by managers to evaluate the decisions taken. A decision may have been based on a preliminary calculation/report and the decision may be followed up by establishing a post-calculation/report to show the actual result. Reports can in addition to indicate that plans are not implemented, also be used to change plans and to be input in the planning stage.
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