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Resource scheduling / booking on days | Free template

Resource scheduling on days is a free template that can be used to book or reserve time for various external or internal customers for the various resources of the company. With resources we mean the assets of the company that is not consumed when used and that can be used and exploited for some time.

In this template for resource reservation is the minimum time of booking and reservation one day. With this template, you get a total overview of the person that has booked a resource and for how long the resource has been reserved for this person.

This template for resource scheduling can also be the base for the time to be billed each customer, it the resources are reserved it is easy to see who made use of the resource and how long the resource was used.

You can use this template to assign resources to the people who need to use these resources for some time. If your business has many resources and many reservations, it may be an idea to use a booking or reservation software for resource reservation.
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