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Supplier evaluation is a free template to make a comparison of different suppliers by rating them on several important factors to choose the suppliers that best meet your company's requirements.

When a company needs to procure goods and services for its operations, the firm must choose the suppliers who will deliver those goods and services. Choosing suppliers is a decision which must take into account many different factors. What factors are important factors and the relative weight depends on the specific company and its strategic direction.

Key factors in the choice of suppliers may be the price, competence, reliability, quality, technical support and product range. Each element gets a weight and then you rate each supplier on these factors, according to a specified scale.

Supplier Evaluation means first to find suitable suppliers that could possibly deliver the goods or services your business demands. Thereafter, the factors selected and the weights set for each factor will be based on the company's approach to supply chain and logistics.

It is important to select qualified suppliers because a supply chain is never stronger than its weakest link. An incorrect choice of suppliers can be devastating to your company's performance to your customers. Many companies choose to enter into long-term relationships with its suppliers and integrate suppliers with the company so that both parties can prosper and improve together.

You can use this template to make a supplier evaluation of potential suppliers of goods and services. For each supplier a weighted overall rating is calculated that can be used to compare and choose the suppliers that best meet your company's requirements.
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