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Confidentiality agreement is a free template to establish a confidentiality agreement between an employer and an employee. A confidentiality agreement is an agreement governing access to information, knowledge and its spread between two or more parties.

When a company employs staff and provides employment contract, it is often also desirable to establish a confidentiality agreement between the employer and the employee. In a confidentiality agreement, one party explains that he has the information, experience and knowledge that can´t be spread to another party. A confidentiality agreement may also include a competition ban meaning that the employee during the period of employment and for a time thereafter may not use the knowledge obtained from the employer to set up competing operations.

A confidentiality agreement is a declaration of confidentiality and loyalty from the employee and if the employee does not comply with the confidentiality agreement, the employee can be required to reimburse the employer for the economic damage the breach may have caused.

A confidentiality agreement are signed by the employee and the employer, the parties shall also receive one copy each of the signed confidentiality agreement.
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