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Employment contract is a free template to establish a written employment contract. An employment contract is an agreement and is established between an employee and the employer.

In an employment contract, the conditions and rules that the employee and employer have agreed upon and which shall apply during the period of employment are stated. An employer is required to sign and give the employee a written employment contract within one week after the employee has begun working for the employer.

The employment contract is important for both the employee and employer to avoid and sort out disputes which may arise between the employer and the employee regarding employment conditions, working conditions and safeguards.

In this template for employment contract is the employer's company name, corporate identity and address and the employee name, social security number and address filled in. The employee will possibly fill in the account and the account-holding bank for payment.

In this template for employment contract the conditions of employment, appropriate union agreement and post and admission day should be completed. Furthermore, the employments form, for example if it is a permanent position, a fixed, a probationary or another form of employment. The template includes the employee's duties, workplace, salary, working hours, vacation right, right to insurance. In a contract of employment you can make references to laws or union agreements.

The employment contract must be signed by both the employee and employer, and they shall receive one copy each of the employment contract.
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