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Firing notice is a free template to prepare a notice of dismissal to an employee who has grossly neglected his duties towards the employer. An employer can only fire an employee when the employee has misbehaved grossly and the employee must then immediately leave the employment.

In the fire notice to an employee, the employer must specify what the employee should observe if he wants to annul or make claims regarding the termination of employment. The notices of dismissal for personal reasons shall also state whether the employee has a preferential right to reemployment or not and whether the employee must notify the employer for the preferential right to apply.

An employee who has been fired has no preferential right to reemployment. The employer must give the employee written reasons for firing if the employee request so.

A firing notice must be given to the employee personally, but if this not is possible then should the notice be sent by registered mail to the employee's last known address.

At firing, the employee and the employee's union should be given notice or be informed at least one week prior to the termination of the employment. There is not a period of notice when an employee has been fired.

A firing may not be based on facts known to the employer for more than two months before termination. A circumstance that may lead to firing is that the employee has grossly misbehaved through criminal acts or willful misconduct. You can use this template to prepare a firing notice.
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