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Job description is a free template to draw up a written job description for a position in a company or for a position in another organization.

A job description concerns a particular position and describes the responsibilities for this position and which tasks that has to be performed by the holder of the post. A job description is normally signed by the CEO of the company which is the person who has the overall responsibility for the company's current management.

An organization is made up of various responsibilities and tasks that must be performed so that the strategies can be implemented. Job descriptions are documents that in a detailed way describes the duties and responsibilities of positions and job descriptions therefore helps to describe the organizational structure.

A job description provides an excellent basis when a person should be employed for a post as the job description makes it easier to identify the requirements for a particular post and also forms a basis for the vacancy ad to be prepared.

A job description does not constitute a legally binding document and that’s why a job description not is signed by the employee. However, it may be helpful to submit a job description to the employee so that he gets a better idea of what the job is about.
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