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House of quality (QFD), quality function deployment | Free template

House of quality is a free template that can be used in product development to identify customer requirements and identify how a product will satisfy these desires through design and functionality.

House of quality is a design matrix based on customer requirements related to the technical specifications for a product. Customer preferences are weighted or marked with a number between 1 and 5 for how important that want is and then the product characteristics should be identified and these features is marked with a number between 0 and 5 depending on how well the feature meets a customers want.

The house of quality is also an assessment of the competitors' products to get a picture of how your products stand up against competitors. Each product feature gets an importance rating that is calculated as the customer's key rating times the rating for how well the product characteristics meet customer requirements.

Product development usually takes place in five phases:

1. Customer wants, customer requirements are identified and established.
2. Functional specification, decision on product features, how the product will look like and what it can do.
3. Production specification, decision on how the product should be manufactured or the service to be performed.
4. Design evaluation, an evaluation is done to assess whether the product has been developed in the best way to meet customers' requirements.
5. Test market, the product is tested by the ultimate consumers to get a better picture of how the product meets customer requirements.

The house of quality can be used in step 1, 2 and 4 to assist in the product development process. You can use this template to create a house of quality for a product.
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