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Here you can find free templates tagged with manufacturing. These templates will hopfully help you to do a faster and better job.

Bill of material (BOM) | Free template

Bill of material is a free template to create a bill of materials for products that have multiple components in several different levels. A bill of material is a register of products with a list of included components and the number of each component required to produce one unit of the main product.

List of operations, bill of labor (BOL) | Free template

List of operations (BOL) is a free template to establish a register of the operations or activities to be undertaken to complete a product with an indication of the work site and time.

Master production schedule (MPS) | Free template

Master production schedule is a free template to establish a production schedule for when and how much to be produced of each individual final product (products in inventory of finished goods).

One machine scheduling | Free template

One machine scheduling is a free template for determining the sequence of tasks or activities to be performed in the work place, i.e. the order in which jobs are to be performed.

Production order, manufacturing order | Free template

Production order is a free template to create an internal order within the company to manufacture a product in a specified quantity. A production order gives the production staff authorization to produce a certain number of units of the product and to carry out the activities that are specified, and get the materials required in the picking order for the production order.