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Business calculations | Category

There is a lot of decisions that has to be made in a company and templates for business calculations can be a good basis for decisions that affects financial outcomes. This category includes free templates for business calculations like calculations for investments and products for instance.

Learning curve calculation, experience curve | Free template

Learning curve calculation is a free template that can be used to graphically create an experience curve that show the correlation between time per unit and cumulative number of units produced.

Payback or payoff calculation | Free template

Payback or payoff calculation is a free template to compare and take decisions on investments with the help of the payback method. The payback method (payoff) is about to calculate how many periods it takes for an investment to pay back itself, the usual period is years.

Standard full cost accounting in manufacturing | Free template

Standard full cost accounting in manufacturing companies is a free template to calculate the cost of products in a manufacturing company. Standard full cost accounting is a method for cost accounting where all costs are distributed to object, usually products.

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