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Balanced scorecard is a free template that can be used to create a balanced scorecard in your business with four perspectives and 10 measurements per perspective. This template can be used for a fiscal year with measurements per month.

The theory behind and the concept of the balanced scorecard, "Balanced Scorecard", was developed by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton in 1996. The idea of a balanced scorecard is that it should focus more on the future compared to the traditional strong focus on historical financial measures. A balanced scorecard should express a company's goals and strategies in different perspectives that are interconnected with each other and used for planning and monitoring of managers' performance.

The basic model of the balanced scorecard contains four different perspective, financial perspective, customer perspective, process perspective and learning perspective. These four different perspectives should balance, all perspectives need focus, and these perspectives influence each other so that the longer-term investments in learning, processes and customers later lead to financial performance in the financial perspective. The learning perspective affects the process perspective and the customer perspective, which affects the financial perspective.

The balanced scorecard allows us to focus on non-financial goals and this will give a greater sustainability in economic management by highlighting the factors affecting financial performance in the long run.

The starting point of a balanced scorecard is the long-term goals and strategies that are broken down into annual plans and monthly plans. Management control is used to influence managers in the organization so that its strategies are implemented and therefore are the long term goals and strategies the starting point of the balanced scorecard.

Based on the long-term goals and strategies you have to choose measures in each perspective and think about the links between perspectives and measures.

This template for a balanced scorecard includes four different perspectives and a balanced scorecard that is divided into five different worksheets. The worksheets for the perspectives is used to enter the measures you want, set goals for them, and then specify the outcome for each measurement month by month. In the balanced scorecard worksheet you see the selected month outcomes compared with budget to analyze and evaluate performance.
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