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Here you can find free templates tagged with strategic planning. These templates will hopfully help you to do a faster and better job.

Balanced scorecard | Free template

Balanced scorecard is a free template that can be used to create a balanced scorecard in your business with four perspectives and 10 measurements per perspective. This template can be used for a fiscal year with measurements per month.

Business plan | Free template

Business plan is a free template to create a business plan for your business or project. A business plan is a one-year planning for the activities and actions to be taken in the company based on the long-term objectives and long-term strategy for the company.

Marketing plan | Free template

Marketing plan is a free template to create a marketing plan for your company's marketing. A marketing plan is a plan for what activities and actions to be implemented in the company during the coming year based on the long-term marketing objectives and the long-term marketing strategy.