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Business plan is a free template to create a business plan for your business or project. A business plan is a one-year planning for the activities and actions to be taken in the company based on the long-term objectives and long-term strategy for the company.

A business plan is drawn up once a year and contains a company description, situation analysis, long-term objectives, long-term strategy and concrete actions or measures to be implemented during the year. The long-term strategy is broken down into specific activities to be undertaken during the coming year by the persons with this responsibility. The business plan constitutes the overall planning for a company and contains a number of plans which consists of a marketing plan, an operation plan, an organizational plan and a financial plan. More plans can be included when there is a need such as staffing plan, product plan and development plan.

A business plan is essential to work effectively in the enterprise and to manage and monitor the managers and other responsible persons in the company. A business plan is the starting point for management control and the business plan is one of the main instruments in the company. A business plan leads to budget financial and non financial measures which have been assigned target values according to the consequence that are expected from the activities that should be implemented. The most common budgets are the income budget, cash flow budget and balance budget which includes financial measures.

A business plan is also important in start-up companies or in new projects when seeking financing from lenders or shareholders. The business plan shows the ambitions and goals contained in the company and the measures to be taken to achieve the objectives and implement the strategies. The income budget show the performance expected in the future and the cash flow budget shows the funding available. The business plan is important to lenders and shareholders to assess the risk of the company or project and the opportunities available.

You can use this template to create a business plan for your business or project.
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