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Evaluation of a process-oriented layout | Free template

Evaluation of a process-oriented layout is a free template to calculate the total cost of different arrangements of departments in different rooms. This template can be used to evaluate different placements of departments in different rooms in order to arrive at a reasonable cost, depending on how many movements are made between the services and the distance between the rooms.

This template for evaluation of a process-oriented layout can be used to create a process-oriented layout of a building where differentiated goods are produced or where differentiated services are performed. Differentiated products are products made in low volume and with great variation. This means that various products manufactured and/or services are performed in different sequences in the building, that is, manufactured goods and services in different series of departments from case to case.

A process-oriented layout is used to obtain high flexibility in the manufacturing or service process. An example of where a process-oriented layout with advantage can be used is in a hospital or a clinic where each patient has different needs.

When you use this template you start to identify the departments and then specify how many movements that occur between departments over a period of time. Next, enter the distance between the different rooms, it need not be the exact distance in meters, but can be set to 1 for rooms that is directly connected to each other vertically, horizontally or diagonally, and to 2 for rooms that are not located directly adjacent to each other. This template is built for 6 departments and 6 rooms.

When the model is set up each department is assigned a room which is in the yellow highlighted area. The total cost for the layout is determined as the product sum of the number of movements between departments and the distance between the rooms. You can change the arrangement of departments in rooms to try to find a satisfactory solution. You must search for the arrangement that produces the lowest cost.

You can use this template to create and evaluate a process-oriented layout to select a satisfactory solution with respect to the total cost.
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