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CEO contract is a free template with an example of how a CEO contract might look like between a company and a chief executive officer. The board of a company appoints the chief executive officer and the CEO is employed by the company.

A CEO has a managerial position with respect to the duties and conditions of employment and is therefore not considered as an ordinary employee.

A CEO contract is a contract between a company and a chief executive officer which is signed by the president. A CEO contract should specify the employer, corporation, and the chief executive officer. A CEO contract should also contain information on employment day, tasks, working hours, salary, benefits, variable compensation, pension, insurance, termination and how disputes will be resolved.

For the board it may be important to agree on loyalty, confidentiality and non-competition which shall apply during the period of employment, these agreements can be made in a separate confidentiality agreement referred to in the CEO contract.

If you have a paragraph about serious breach of a CEO contract, you may want to specify what constitutes a serious breach and a minimum claim for damages if it not is possible to determine the value of the economic damage.

You can use this template to prepare a CEO contract between your company and a chief executive officer.
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