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CEO instructions is a free template to prepare a document with guidelines and instructions from the board regarding the work and responsibilities of the chief executive officer in a company.

The CEO shall manage the business for a company in accordance with guidelines and instructions from the board. CEO instructions are a document that is determined by the board and it is specifying the guidelines and instructions that the chief executive officer shall follow.

The board shall give written instructions on which information to be communicated to the board so that the board can fulfill its mission and make the assessments required to meet the requirements.

The board is responsible to create instructions for the chief executive officer so that the CEO knows what he must do and what he cannot do. In the CEO instructions, the board may give the CEO authority and responsibility for tasks in the company. CEO instructions may also contain restrictions on the freedom of action of the CEO.

A CEO's normal duties are to manage the operational activities and thus implement the goals and strategies that have been decided by the board, the CEO shall comply with the budget approved by the Board. CEO may be responsible for making proposals regarding objectives, strategies and budgets and present it for the board. CEO is responsible for the accounting to be managed in accordance with laws, that funds are managed in a safe manner and that the internal procedures according to the internal controls are followed.

You can use this template to establish CEO instructions to the chief executive officer of a company.
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