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Personnel ledger is a free template that can be used to register personnel each workday where social security number, name, start time and end time are recorded for each work shift.

This personnel ledger includes fields for:
1st Your or your company name and personal or corporate identification number
2nd Number and names of those who work during the working day
3rd Time when a shift begin and end, a session includes breaks such as coffee breaks and lunch breaks and you do not punch out at lunchtime.

All personnel working in the premises shall be entered in the personnel ledger, that is, even unpaid staff as trainees and agency workers. The personnel ledger shall be written in indelible letters and you can use a ballpoint pen to achieve stability in the notes. A personnel ledger may be in the computer but then it is required that you can show history and that records not can be erased or altered without that one can see that a changed has occurred. This means that you cannot keep the personnel ledger in Excel; you must then print the document to paper and keep the personnel ledger on this paper.

The personnel ledger shall be kept current, and notes must be made every day, persons SSN and name must be recorded and time must be recorded directly adjacent to when the work period begins and ends. A person working in multiple shifts can occur multiple times on the same list. The personnel ledger should be stored in a safe and secure storage for two years after the end of the fiscal year.

You can use this template to create a personnel ledger for personnel working in your local. You enter the start date to get a personnel ledger for a specific year and a specific month. You can enter identification numbers and names of those who work in your local. Finally, print the personnel ledger for the month to paper and make notes of time specified by day for each person on this paper with a ballpoint pen when the work period begins and ends.
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